Infidelity Hurts
Infidelity Hurts

How to lose friends when infidelity strikes! Part 2.

As a follow on from my previous post: How to lose friends fast when infidelity strikes! I referred to the fact that I am no longer in contact with either of their families. To some that may seem like a drastic action to take. For my part, it was an act of self preservation. Why on earth maintain friendships with people who are connected to them? As the betrayed you want no contact with them so to maintain contact with their extended families, you are providing them with an element of access to your life and what is going on within it.


They maybe together and 'getting on with their lives' however, knowing the ex-friend, she thrives on gossip so to have that continued access to my life would be just what she wanted! It's a sad fact that when these things happen so many friends get lost as a result because they inevitably take sides. As a good friend once said to me, 'you can't run with the hounds if you are a hare!' An absolute brilliant saying and absolutely spot on with regards to this situation!


The most often asked question...

...Why does the pain of an affair hurt so much? That question can only be truly answered by those who have experienced it, and as someone who has, I hope this blog can offer some insight to the agony that you are facing.

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