Infidelity Hurts
Infidelity Hurts

Why does the Other Woman hold her head up high?!!!

I went to pick up my child recently and when she got in the car who should be walking down the street with her head held up high without a care in the world? You guessed it, it was the OW!! At first my jaw dropped. It was not so much as seeing her but the brazen way she held her head up. She knew I had seen her and made sure that she stood straighter than normal. It made me angry for a moment and then I felt nothing as she carried on walking. Then I thought you are nothing it was as if my brain shut down. I tell myself that this has to be some form of healing. Part of me still feels the shock of the betrayal and her acting as if she has done nothing wrong makes me feel that maybe my brain is shielding me from the real horror of it all. Even as I write this I feel that something is shielding me. As anyone had a similar reaction to their sighting of the OW?

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The most often asked question...

...Why does the pain of an affair hurt so much? That question can only be truly answered by those who have experienced it, and as someone who has, I hope this blog can offer some insight to the agony that you are facing.

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